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Alibaba Set To Launch Competitor To OpenAI’s ChatGPT

In a move that is set to shake up the artificial intelligence (AI) industry, Chinese technology giant Alibaba has announced plans to release its...

A Halt To AI Training Is Recommended By Experts Including Elon Musk

Leaders in the field of artificial intelligence want to halt the development of strong AI systems due to concerns that humanity may be in...

Open Source ChatGPT-Like Models Are Released By AI Computing Startup Cerebras

In an effort to promote greater collaboration, ChatGPT-like open source models have been made available to the research and business community by artificial intelligence...

The “Father of Ethernet,” Bob Metcalfe, Wins The Turing Award In Computing

The 2023 Turing Award has been given to longtime Boston-area publisher and venture capitalist Bob Metcalfe in recognition of his contribution to the development...

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